Manuscript Reading and Evaluation: I provide detailed notes on the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript, along with possible solutions. I also comment on characterization, dialogue, setting, believability, research, and the writing technique, and suggest ways to develop the manuscript.

Sensitivity Reading: I read a manuscript with particular attention to evaluating the representation of identities or experiences. My areas of focus include parenting, feminism, and Italian immigrant culture.

Substantive or Structural Editing: I clarify and/or reorganize a manuscript for content and structure.

Stylistic Editing: I clarify meaning, eliminate jargon, and smooth out language. This may include checking or correcting reading level, and creating or recasting tables and/or figures.

Copy Editing: I edit for grammar, spelling, punctuation and other mechanics of style. I check for consistency of mechanics and internal consistency of facts.

Fact Checking/Reference Checking: I check accuracy of facts and/or quotes by referring to original sources used by author and/or from other sources.

Permissions Research: I research and contact copyright holders, obtaining permission for use of text and images on behalf of the author.

Proofreading: I check corrections, and read the entire proof for errors and consistency issues, and check that the type specifications were followed.

Writing: I offer my clients writing services, based on their individual needs and requirements.

Transcription: I accurately and intelligently transcribe audio or video files, for academic, corporate, or legal clients.