Stories from a Year Like No Other

“Manuscripts” by Maria Scala

The creative work I devoted most of my time to this past year has been editing. Despite all that 2020 threw at them, writers, both emerging and established, reached out, and, together, we accomplished something amazing. I am so proud and grateful to have been part of the process. I got to explore crumbling palazzos and far-flung Venetian islands; sip tea for hours in cozy Siberian kitchens; cheer for the brainy girl from a troubled home in rural 1970s Ontario as she delivered a speech to her entire school; unroll a yoga mat alongside the adoptee in a northern Indian ashram; witness the rebuilding of more stable life after years busking for a religious cult; and finally, be privy to some of the most enlightening advice regarding psychological health and conscious consumerism.

My family and friends kept me going this past year, but so did these stories.

Happy New Year and wishing you a safe and productive 2021.